About Us

Making game is a hobby
but requires great responsibilities

Everyone needs to be entertained, regardless of their age, nationality, geographic location, income. We understand that need and desire to deliver entertainment in the simplest way for everyone to enjoy. 

As technology evolves, users want to be served more instantly, easily, and seamlessly. Our team shares the same ambition to push boundaries with creativity and passion to create something extraordinary – not only exciting products but a revolution in the way games are made. 

We believe our enjoyment and positive energy will be reflected and resulted in great products.

Our Core Values


At E-lite, we believe that simplicity is the best. Every product, every step, every decision we made needs to be as simple as it could be, yet deliver the same value. 

Innovation, flexibility, adaptability, and agility are required to be simple.


Delivering the same quality, same value but with less cost. We have our own frameworks to communicate smoother, develop faster, validate sooner and work smarter.


It is all about bringing the best experience to our users. We make sure users’ insights are discovered and updated continuously and make decisions based on them.

User satisfaction is our priority.

Our Core Team

We are gaming enthusiasts who have decided to venture into the world of the mobile game industry.

Our core team is a combination of young passionate and experienced game creators.

Tuan Do


Binh Tran


Huy Vu


Vinh Pham


Join us

E-lite Game Studio is always looking for talented and passionate game creators with the capability and drive to help create the exciting products. Discover the opportunity now!